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AGLA Chiropractic Beach Massage Room
AGLA Chiropractic Green & Gold Massage Room
AGLA Chiropractic Wall Gym™ band exercise system
AGLA Chiropractic Chattanooga™ wide-set, drop-piece table
AGLA Chiropractic ProMaxima™ neck weights machine
AGLA Chiropractic and Healthful Solutions Massage
AGLA Chiropractic Blue Adjustment Room
AGLA Chiropractic Relaxing Atmosphere
AGLA Chiropractic ProMaxima™ back weights machine

What we offer you

Dr. Rob adjusts all the joints of the body, from fingers, toes, hands, feet & ankles, to elbows, knees, shoulders, hips & of course the head, neck, back, and pelvis.  He helps bring great relief by adjusting pregnant women, babies, children, teens, adults & seniors as well.
Auto and Work Injury Care—includes exams, x-ray, CT & MRI analysis, hands-on adjusting & occasional activator adjusting, cold & heat therapies, myofascial release technique, gentle traction, neuro-musculo-skeletal retraining, rehabilitative strengthening, orthopedic supports & nutritional supplies.
Pain care — includes exams, hands-on adjusting & occasional activator adjusting, cold & heat therapies, myofascial release technique, gentle traction, x-ray, CT & MRI analysis, orthopedic supports & nutritional supplies.
AGLA Chiropractic uses state-of-the-art equipment including: Chattanooga™ wide-set, drop-piece & traction tables, which help provide excellent adjustments / treatments while maintaining patient comfort; ProMaxima™ weight machines for professional grade neck & back strengthening; Wall Gym™ band exercise system for extremity strengthening & a number of balance & postural retraining boards, balls & devices.
Healthful Solutions Massage offers excellent therapeutic massage services with a full variety of techniques spanning from top notch Medical Massage for auto & work injury patients to Intra-Oral and Pregnancy Massage. In addition, they offer super relaxing & rejuvenating Spa Services like Hot Stone Massage & Lavender Sugar Glows. There are multiple therapists with different styles here so that your tastes can be accommodated.
Acupuncture and Herbal Wellness Center's
main focus revolves around the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbology, dietary and lifestyle changes as well as massage to tackle health issues, approaching treatment of the human body from a holistic perspective. In accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine, they address both the symptoms and the root causes of a condition and base treatment on the stage of the condition rather than using a "cure-all" solution.