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Dr. Robert E. Buclaw III is a hands on chiropractor.  He obtained his education from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri and finished in 1999 as the class Valedictorian.  He is a second-generation chiropractor that grew up steeped in chiropractic philosophy and saw first hand chiropractic’s wonderful impact in one’s daily health and vitality. As a late teen in the 1980’s, Dr. Rob began working in his father’s clinic in New Mexico.  He spent time helping out at the front desk and performing initial vital sign evaluations on patients. This naturally expanded his experience and love of chiropractic, and eventually led him to pursue a career in it.  His techniques include Diversified, Thompson, Myofascial Release, NMS Retraining and Rehab Strengthening.  As a result of his upbringing, education and experience, Dr. Rob is a highly trained and effective chiropractor.  He is very skilled at handling everything from auto and work injuries to the more common everyday aches and pains.  Whether you are seeking Pain Relief, Corrective Care, Rehab Strengthening or Flexibility Wellness Care, he will tailor your treatment plan to you.  Dr. Rob strongly advocates a multifactoral approach to well being.  In his opinion and experience, this is best achieved through the combined efforts of the patient, and a diversity of health care practitioners.  As a result, he prefers to work in close alliance with other practitioners of various arts including: massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, physical therapy, integrative and orthopedic medicine, psychotherapy, reflexology and esthetics, etc.  

After graduating from Chiropractic College, Dr. Rob began practicing in an established chiropractic office in Independence, Missouri.  A couple of years later he moved back to Albuquerque, New Mexico to work with his father again.  In April of 2006, Dr. Rob moved from the sunny desert of New Mexico to the lush greenery of Seattle, Washington.  After practicing for the prior 8 years with other doctors, he felt the desire to branch out and establish his own practice that focused on the core mission of Flexibility.  Dr. Rob grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico, and he has discovered the best of all worlds here in the Pacific Northwest.  Not only are there world class skiing and hiking, but the water and ocean experience as well.  Shortly after arriving in WA, Dr. Rob was introduced to his wife Jenifer and her daughter in Federal Way.  In 2008 they opened Buclaw Family Chiropractic in the Twin Lakes area.  Over the last ten years the practice has grown and has now morphed into AGLA Chiropractic located in the Heart of Federal Way near I-5, Hwy 18 & Pacific Hwy 99.