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Our Philosophy

Everyone knows that when bones get out of place they put unusual pressure on the surrounding tissues and nerves. It causes the joints to track wrong and eventually it causes pain and problems.  People know that Chiropractors adjust those bones and that helps take away the pressure and the tracking problems.  That is why the Chiropractic profession has thrived for over one hundred years!  What most people don’t know is just how important it is to cultivate their flexibility every day.  This is the core of Dr. Rob’s clinical focus.  You see, the process of aging in the body progressively stiffens everything up.  If you want a longer and more vibrant life, than you have to work against the stiffening and hardening of your body.  It is as simple as that.  When the soft tissues are elastic and stretchable, and the bones are optimally positioned, the joints have larger ranges of motion.  The joints of the body act as miniature pumps.  When they have their full range of motion, the body fluids are distributed throughout the body faster and more efficiently, including the immune system, the lymph, the blood, the cerebral spinal fluid, etc.  The body operates better this way.  The spinal column has 24 moveable vertebrae.  Each one has 5 joint interactions, (4 facet joints and 1 discal joint).  There are an astounding 76 joints in the spinal column alone!  When you move, bend, twist and walk, etc, you pump your body fluids around that precious nervous system and the surrounding tissues.  Keeping optimal alignment of those spinal joints not only helps keep pressure off those nerves, but helps provide the largest spinal range of motion and pumping action.  Dr. Rob encourages everyone to stretch daily and drink plenty of water in addition to eating a sensible diet and maintaining a weekly exercise / strengthening routine.  He feels that everyone should be stretching their spinal columns at least three minutes a day, spread throughout the day, and more than that preferably.  In Dr. Rob’s opinion, nothing is better at aligning the joints than chiropractic adjustments, nothing is better at helping keep the muscles, ligaments and tendons supple than stretching and Therapeutic Massage.